Rigid Line

Exir Broadcasting supplies rigid lines of different types. Low loss copper and various aluminum alloys are used to ensure high conductivity. The tubes are connected with Coupling kits, Elbows, and different sizes of unflanged as well as flanged adaptor for a complete Rigid line system.

Tubes Rigid Line, Hangers.pdf
Elbows Rigid Line.pdf
Coupling Kits Rigid Line.pdf
Inner Supports Rigid Line.pdf
Adapters 7/8" Rigid Line D.pdf
Adapters 1 5/8" Rigid Line F.pdf
Adapters 3 1/8" Rigid Line I.pdf
Adapters RL98 Rigid Line.pdf
Adapters 4 1/2" Rigid Line G.pdf
Adapters 4 7/8", R120 Rigid Line E.pdf
Adapters 6 1/8" Rigid Line G.pdf
Matching Sections Rigid Line.pdf
Mounting Description Rigid Line.pdf
Power Rating Rigid Line.pdf
General Information Rigid Line.pdf