Band II

Choose from Starpoint and constant impedance combiner models. All our FM combiners are able to handle the most complex combining requirements. Available with 2 or 3 poles filters with output powers rating up to 180 kW.

110mm Constant Impedance 2pol 7kW FM combiner c.pdf 110mm Constant Impedance 3pol 6kW combiner b.pdf 110mm Starpoint 2pol 3kW FM combiner a.pdf 110mm Starpoint 3pol 2,5kW FM combiner b.pdf 200mm Constant Impedance 2pol 26kW FM combiner c.pdf 200mm Constant Impedance 3pol 20kw FM combiner b.pdf 200mm Starpoint 2pol 13kW FM combiner a.pdf 200mm Starpoint 3pol 10kW FM combiner a.pdf 350mm Constant Impedance 2pol 64kW FM combiner c.pdf 350mm Constant Impedance 3pol 50kW FM combiner c.pdf 350mm Starpoint 2pol 32kW FM combiner a.pdf 350mm Starpoint 3pol 25kW FM combiner a.pdf 530mm Constant Impedance 3pol 118kw FM combiner f.pdf 530mm Constant Impedance 3pol 30kW FM combiner 800kHz c.pdf 60mm Constant Impedance 2pol 2kW FM combiner e.pdf 60mm Constant Impedance 3pol 1,4kW FM combiner b.pdf 60mm Starpoint 2pol 1000W FM combiner a.pdf 60mm Starpoint 3pol 700W FM combiner a.pdf 70mm Starpoint 3pol 150W FM combiner b.pdf 70mm Starpoint 4pol 150W FM combiner b.pdf