– More Than 30 Years of Innovation

Exir Broadcasting is a global technology leader servicing the coaxial and RF industry in both the broadcasting and science sector. The company’s focus is to develop and manufacture innovative, dependable and long-lasting products. The company’s day to -day involvement with customers around the world has enabled us to build decades of hands-on experience into our products.


Exir Broadcasting invests heavily in the development of new products that will improve the quality and reliability of our products and solutions. Our experienced R&D engineers believe strongly in combining theory with practical application, which is why they often accompany installers to study practical problems encountered on-site. Exir Broadcasting works hard to develop products that simplify installation, improve performance and enhance overall system reliability.

Customised systems and integration

At Exir Broadcasting we are specialised in tailor-made solutions and product requirements to meet a customer’s specific needs. All Boxisions work closely together to provide quick and reliable solutions. Based on our wide range of products we can offer flexible quotations and service options. Exir Broadcasting can integrate new equipment into existing facilities with qualified technical know-how and the ability to adapt to inBoxidual on-site conditions. We have a proven track record in designing and installing complex system solutions. We have installed these systems around the world, often integrated with existing equipment.

Planning and project supervision

Beside the purely technical issues, many practical details often play an important role in the planning of any new installation, such as system design, existing operations and physical conditions. As an experienced partner Exir Broadcasting can be relied upon to supply not only RF-components but also valuable knowhow, on-site analysis, system adaptation techniques, planning, installation and after-sales service. Our goal is to make your job easier. We focus on close cooperation between the customer, engineering departments, installation crews and other subcontractors.

10-year Comprehensive Guarantee

We are so convinced of the performance of our products that we offer a comprehensive 10-year guarantee.
10-year guarantee